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ContentBlocks brings the next level of Content Editing to MODX, providing multiple columns of content, rich input types for any type of content, and complete control over your markup. More about ContentBlocks »


Redactor is a clean & user friendly Rich Text Editor, tightly integrated with MODX. It has ridiculously easy image uploads, makes sure the markup is tidy at all times and offers amazing levels of customization through settings and optional plugins. More about Redactor »


MoreGallery is a custom resource type that puts Galleries where they belong: in the Resource tree! Has drag & drop multi image uploads, sorting, tags and of course 100% control over the front-end. More about MoreGallery »


Commerce is a fully extendable e-commerce solution for selling online with MODX. It's currently in alpha testing, with the stable release planned for this summer. More about Commerce »


SimpleCart brings e-commerce to your MODX site in an easy to use package with custom resources and various gateways. Developed by OostDesign, now maintained by modmore. More about SimpleCart »

Digital Signage

Broadcast anything you want into your office, store, or school with Digital Signage. Manage slides, broadcasts and many players from a central place. More about Digital Signage »


Formalicious is the form builder developed by Sterc, available from modmore. More about Formalicious »

Open Source

Discuss our Open Source extras here, including ClientConfig, SimpleAB, Scheduler and Gitify.