Quickstart Button Configuration

I’m trying to setup a button to go to clientconfig. I’ve got this working on another site but I’m stuck getting this one setup.

When I edit the button and go to the Button tab, right click to update the button, then go to the Link tab I see the Systems Action and Namespace fields (just like the other one I have setup). However, when I click on the Systems Action and scroll down, there is only one page of choices and the clientconfig - index is not one of them. The Namespace field contains clientconfig (just like the one I have setup). I’ve tried others that are on the list and the button works as expected, but I just don’t have the choice for clientconfig.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling both Clientconfig and Quickstart Buttons. Clearing cache, etc.

I’m stumped.

Enter ?a=home&namespace=clientconfig into the “Full Link” instead of selecting an action.

Actions have been long deprecated and ClientConfig no longer uses them.

Glad I asked. I would never have figured that out. Perhaps a note in the documentation?