First release candidate for ContentBlocks 1.5 available

ContentBlocks 1.5 brings new features and improvements that will give you more control and flexibility. The highlights of this feature release, now available in v1.5.0-rc1, are listed below.

To install this release candidate you need to enable the Pre-releases channel on the API Key you’ve used to connect to our package provider. We don’t recommend updating production sites immediately, but if you do, we look forward to your feedback and bug reports.

Here’s some of the new things in ContentBlocks 1.5:

Control over the component with ACLs

There’s now a set of 35 permissions available in a new ContentBlocks access policy that allows you to provide fine-grained permission to the ContentBlocks component. This can be used to block access entirely, to only give view permission or to mix and match as you please.

On upgrade all manager user groups will automatically be granted full access to the component. After that, you can follow this guide to lock down the component to your liking.

(Note that these permissions are only for the component where you manage fields/layouts/templates. More control over what you can do in the actual resource content is still on the list).

More TinyRTEs

TinyRTE is our one-line “inline” rich text editor that you could already use on headings and lists, which you can now also use standard textfield, textareas and quotes. We’ve enhanced it a little to grow in size based on the content, but it’s still restricted to one line of text. You can enable it via the field properties; it defaults to off.

New dropdown input type

Previously you’d use Ben’s cbClassSelect, but with ContentBlocks 1.5 we’ve added a dropdown/select input type to the core. See the documentation here to see what it can do.

Dynamic chunk previews

When using a chunk field, it will now render it exactly as it would in the front-end (minus your css, but you can load that if you’d like). When using field settings or chunk properties, it will also automatically update the preview based on the entered content.

And more fixes and improvements

From detecting when alerts have been dismissed to still allow removing fields/layouts, to a fix for radio/checkbox settings that shared the same name causing them to be linked inadvertantly, there’s more goodness in this release that will improve your experience.

The full changelog with all changes is included below, and of course in the package itself.

New Features:
- Full control over what users can do in the ContentBlocks component with a new Access Policy with 35 permissions [#389]
- Add property add_first_item to repeaters to control if an empty first item should be automatically added [#386]
- Property added to enable TinyRTE on textfield, textarea and quote input types [#347]
- Added ability to duplicate a field/layout setting
- Add new dropdown input type [#217]
- Chunk fields will now show a dynamically updated preview

- Select, radio and checkbox settings now support "value==Displayed Value" format on top of "Displayed Value=value"
- Detect when alerts have been dismissed in the browser to still allow removing fields/layouts

- Fix incorrect strpos check causing the parser to be called more often than necessary [#399]
- Fix "available templates" on layout fields not being respected when adding a layout between existing layouts [#398]
- Prevent js error when generating the canvas on an existing non-richtext resource
- Fix exposed radio/checkbox settings sharing the same name attribute [#406]

- "Displayed Value=value" format for field and layout settings and new dropdown input will be removed in 2.0. Recommended to use the new "value==Displayed Value" instead.