ContentBlocks 1.5.0-rc2 available

The second release candidate for ContentBlocks 1.5 is now available. This release fixes a few reported bugs and also adds an enhancement that allows cbHasField/cbGetFieldContent to read from fields contained within a layout field. Note that this requires resources to be rebuilt to take effect.

Here’s the changelog for ContentBlocks 1.5.0-rc2:

  • Prevent images/common objects from taking more than 100% width in a dynamic chunk preview [#412]
  • Store nested field data in $linear variable so that cbHasField / cbGetFieldContent can access the data of nested fields
  • Fix clearing Layout/Template filter resetting the grid to show fields [S9791]
  • Add empty alt attribute to default image input, and htmlent filter to image with title input [#418]

We don’t expect it to take long to hit 1.5.0-pl now, and we’ve already started on 1.6. Please report issues to us via, and if you can help us finish up the translations on CrowdIn :slight_smile: