MoreGallery 1.5 release candidate available

On the heels of the ContentBlocks pre-release, we also have a fresh MoreGallery 1.5 release candidate available for testing!

MoreGallery 1.5 has a couple of new features, including support for video and a set of permissions to control what options are available in the gallery interface.

Important: This release also has a number of under the hood changes that shouldn’t affect the way MoreGallery works on the surface, however given the size of some of these changes we anticipate there will be some edge cases we didn’t think of in our testing. Therefore, do not run this upgrade directly on production, but first try it on your development site. Make sure to verify the back-end, but especially the front-end continues to work as expected. If it doesn’t, let us know right away so we can resolve that prior to the stable release.

To install this release candidate you need to enable the Pre-releases channel on the API Key you’ve used to connect to our package provider.

Here’s some of the cool new features and improvements in 1.5.

Support for Videos from YouTube and Vimeo

You can now embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo directly in a gallery. This makes it, to my knowledge, the first gallery extra for MODX to support videos. :tada:

Embedding video works by simply clicking on Add Video, pasting in the link, and watching how MoreGallery grabs a video thumbnail and information about the video (name, description) automatically.

To allow full control over the gallery output, a couple of new properties have been added to the mgGetImages snippet, like &youtubeTpl, &vimeoTpl, &singleYoutubeTpl and &singleVimeoTpl. The mgGetImages snippet documentation has been updated with these properties, and we also added documentation about the video feature here.

Control over the back-end with new set of Permissions

You can now control which features are available on your galleries with a set of permissions for the MODX ACL system. There are 11 permissions in total, allowing you to control access to the gallery in its entirety, or just limiting features like adding video, using tags, hiding/showing images and more. You read how to set up permissions here:

Duplicating a Gallery, now duplicates the images too

What the title says. Includes associated information like tags and crops as well. This will duplicate the files as well, so they can be properly managed independently once duplicated.

mgGetImages can now load from multiple resources

Perfect for showing “Recent uploads”, mgGetImages now accepts a comma separated list of resources to retrieve images from a number of different galleries at the same time.

Under the hood changes and improvements

This release has a couple of under the hood changes. You shouldn’t notice these changes, however if you’re curious, I’ll post up a topic in the MoreGallery category in a little bit with some of the changes.

And more!

The full changelog is included below.

++ MoreGallery 1.5.0-rc1
++ Released on 2016-08-03
New features:
- Automatically duplicate images (and related data, like tags and crops) when duplicating a gallery resource [#94]
- Add embedding of videos from YouTube and Vimeo, with different chunks per type [#152]
- Add &singleImageResource property to mgGetImages which allows you to link detail pages to a specific resource [#162]
- mgGetImages now accepts multiple comma-separated resources in &resource [#26]
- Ability to limit available features on Galleries through permissions (ACLS) [#125]

- Refactored mgGetImages snippet to be more easily maintained and extended
- Replaced internal phpthumb with Imagine library which can use imagick and offers more features for the future
- SVG uploads will now get PNG thumbnails/crops rather than broken images [#131]
- Default mgImage chunk now wraps items in a li to accommodate for video embeds

- Fix rounding issue in certain crops [#111]
- Prevent double thumbnail generation on upload [#155]

We’ve identified a minor backwards compatibility break in 1.5.0-rc1 where the [[+idx]] placeholder starts at 1 instead of 0. This will be fixed in 1.5.0-rc2.