Workflow + SimpleCart + ContentBlocks?

Does anyone have experience with using Workflow, SimpleCart and ContentBlocks together?

We need to build a system where content-editors can add products to the webshop (SimpleCart). Then the products need to be reviewed (with Workflow) by the manager before the products are published.

I’m a bit afraid to spend 600 euros on these add-ons, and then find out that these three won’t play nice together :grin:

I’ve also contacted the developer of Workflow about the compatibility, but maybe some of you can also give me information about this.


Very understandable :wink:

I can confirm compatibility between ContentBlocks and Preview (which is what Workflow is built on top of), and SimpleCart and ContentBlocks. Can’t say I’ve tried those three in one site at the same time, but I think it ought to work.

One thing to keep in mind is that SimpleCart uses custom resources for the products. To my understanding Preview/Workflow works fine with that, but that can sometimes be a limiting factor.

Thanks for your reply Mark.

The people of Workflow were prepared to give a full test license of Workflow to try it out, so that’s great too.

At the moment, this project is on hold because of the funding. If we’re able to continue the project, I will let you know how the combination of the extra’s turned out.

Glad to hear they’ve provided you with a test license to give it a go :slight_smile: Soon you’ll be able of testing out all of our extras without a purchase too, but until we launch the developer licenses feel free to send us an email asking for a test license as well.