TableRates and joker for zip-code : possible?


I’m trying to use TableRates for a complex shipping grid.
The shipping price depend of 2 things : the weight and the zip code of the final customer.
I build a CSV file from this spreadsheet (I’m using first tab “Pack 30” for now) :
My extracted CSV file loo, like this :

I need to use the joker * for all zip-codes beginning with a 2-digits number.
Example with my actual table rates : a parcel of 16kg sent to the zip-code 11190 should cost 21.73€

But on my tests with several accounts, I always get 27.65€, which is the price of the 6th line (no zip-code), doesn’t matter the zip-code registered on the account.

My questions : is it possible to use the joker like this ?
If yes, what’s going wrong with my table rates ?

It doesn’t support wildcards inside the zipcode like 09* currently - only an exact match or just *.