Some help getting the coupon code to work?

I am trying to apply a blanket 10% discount to all products when users put in a code. From the coupon area in Simplecart it looks as though it should be straight forward but nowhere on the checkout pages does a coupon input field appear upon checkout.
Could anyone point me in the right direction please?


Hi @9thwave,

You’d normally have the [[!scCouponCode]] snippet in your cart (scCart chunk). That will create the form to enter a coupon code.

The default can be seen here: and some more information on how to set up the cart page is here:

Thanks Mark, I’ve got the coupon appearing now.
However the percentage I’ve set which is 10% isn’t being applied.Instead it looks like 25% {in this case £1} is being applied even though the value is displaying as ‘-£0’…see screen shot. Presumably the Discount area, ‘-£0’ should display the calculated percentage discount?

Sorry if i’ve missed something here?

Hm, does that use the standard chunks or have you customised it? It does look like it is calculating it properly, but the discount value might be using the wrong placeholder?

This happens when i use the default chunks too.
I’ll try a new install and see what happens.

Right, I do have this working on a test site but can’t seem to replicate it on the actual site i’m working on. I can transfer all the files from the test site but ideally i’d like to find out why the coupon is not being applied correctly.
There is a discount being applied but it seems like it’s rounding it up to the nearest 10 rather than calculating the 10%.
Is there a chunk or snippet I could check?
If there’s no obvious line to check i’ll just transfer files from the working test site.


The display code should be in the scCart chunk, or the chunk you’re using in its place:

Thanks for the info although i couldn’t see any difference between the two sites and the default chunks have not been changed.
Anyway Ive just ported everything to the one that is working so not to worry.