SimpleCart 2.7 + gateway updates

A small update for SimpleCart is now available.

This release changes the payment description to include the order number, for easier recollection of payments and orders. Upgrade your payment gateway(s) too for this to take effect.

  • Include the order number in the payment description for easier recollection; update your payment gateway too! [S21292]
  • Prevent fatal error when adding a product to the cart that doesn’t exist
  • Minor code style tweaks in Order controller, and enhance error logging to help identify verification problems [S21388]
  • Restore publishing options on category resources [#133]

The following payment gateway updates are also available. Each one of these incorporates the order number in the payment description:

  • Stripe v3.0.0-pl
    • For source-based payments, validate customer before passing it along into a charge [#131]
  • PayPal v1.1.7-pl
  • Mollie v1.2.4-pl
  • AuthorizeNet v2.0.1

Please note that the Stripe v3 gateway is a major update if you’re still on v2 (or, bless you, v1!). You may need to adjust your checkout template or reconfigure the gateway after that upgrade.