SimpleCart 2.3.3 (and 2.3.4) out now

I’m glad to announce a new update for SimpleCart, version 2.3.3 is now available.

This release has a couple of bug fixes, including two that were contributed by @gadgetto. Martin is helping us out with some improvements and new features that will make its way into SimpleCart 2.4, and he’s got a head start by also fixing some bugs :smiley:

Here’s the changelog for this release:

  • Fix E_STRICT messages coming from processors [#62]
  • Fix comparing floats in determining if delivery/payment method costs should be added to the price [#58]
  • Fix saving resource groups on product and category resources [#60]
  • Fix E_WARN array to string conversion [#56]
  • Properly format percentages as, well, percentages instead of currency [#55]

All information about SimpleCart can be found at

Edit: Whoops, left in a var_dump statement. 2.3.4 is out now as well that takes that out.