SimpleCart 2.3.1 available

Following our continued commitment to SimpleCart, here’s a new release (v2.3.1) for SimpleCart fixing three bugs:

  • Fix default value for simplecart.orderstatusupdate_emailtpl setting [S6922]
  • Fix the wrong coupon code getting registered when placing an order [S7162,S7106,#42]
  • Fix log entry created by $order->setStatus not using the right old status name

The biggest fix is the coupons one; previously any coupon applied to an order would not get assigned properly when turning the cart into an order. It didn’t change the calculations in the cart, but it did cause weird issues with wrong coupon codes showing up in order emails and the back-end. It took several reports before getting to the bottom of the issue, which of course only took a one-line change to fix…