Redactor not rendering richtext-tv-types in weblinks


i have a site with some weblinks. The content of the weblinks gets presented in the parent resource. Is there any way, that the tv-type “richtext” gets also converted into a redactor-TV like it is done with regular resources?

Alternatively i tried to use “redactor” as the tv-type. That works. But now when the client wants to insert a link there are only the URL-Option. The Options “Resources” and “Files” are not available if that is not a richtext-tv-type. Seems like the redactor-tv-type is only a limited redactor. Can i enable all options?

Can i either let richtext-tv-types for weblinks rendered like richtext-tv-types for resources or add all Link-Options to the redactor-tv-type?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi @jdaehne,

That’s a bug in the MODX core that has been resolved for 2.4.3, and 2.5. Until those releases are out you could apply the patch manually.

When using the Redactor TV input type, you can control what features are available via its input options; it’s a full Redactor instance without any limitations. There’s been a couple of bugs with that though, so update to 2.0.5 first. :wink:

Hi Mark,

thanx a lot for your fast answer!