Redactor 2.0.5 now available

After the ContentBlocks release earlier today, we also have a Redactor update for you just in time for the holidays! In Redactor 2.0.5, we’ve fixed a bunch of bugs, some related to the custom Redactor TV, restored the ability to insert images from a url and fixed the typeahead when adding image links.

Here’s the full changelog for Redactor 2.0.5:

  • Restore the resource typeahead on image links [#372]
  • Switching redactor.pastePlainText System Setting to default to false [#375]
  • Fix Advanced Attributes don’t persist in modal [#392]
  • Insert Images by URL (See plugin_imageurl Setting)
  • Fix issues with Formatting and Custom Formatting options not being used on Redactor TVs [S7400]
  • Fix persistence of plugin-related Redactor TV options [S7400]
  • Fix disabling plugins on specific Redactor TVs if they’re enabled globally [S7400]
  • Make sure Redactor TV options use the setting lexicons for better and translated descriptions [#109]

The update is available right now.

Learn more about Redactor here.