Redactor 2.2.1 now available

We’re glad to share Redactor 2.2.1 with you today. This release fixes a number of bugs, including the redactor.css setting not looking for context-specific CSS files and various TV related issues.

  • Add new root-relative baseurls mode value for subdirectory-based contexts with shared assets in the site root [S11174]
  • Fix potential jQuery conflicts affecting Redactor template variables [S11205]
  • Fix context-specific redactor.css setting not being recognised [#443]
  • Fix Rich Text TVs on symlinks/weblinks/static resources not getting enhanced [#449]
  • Add missing video plugin control on Redactor TVs [#441]
  • Fix Dutch translation of “paragraph” [#413]
  • Fix for redactor.removeAttr and redactor.allowedAttr syntax
  • Fix Search/Replace plugin [#447]
  • Fix unintentional typeahead in Edit Image > Alt Text field [#453]

The next Redactor release is likely to be a release candidate for Redactor 3, so stay tuned for more details on that soon.

Mark, the new version still has the old annoying bug when editing image properties:

  1. Insert image -> source code is <img src="assets/uploads/images/productimages/007-017.jpg">
  2. Click on image -> klick “Edit”
  3. Enter alt text (by the way in german interface the field label for alt text field is missing)
  4. Click -> “Save”
  5. Source code now is <img src="assets/uploads/images/productimages/007-017.jpg" alt="Alt Text" "="">

I’ve not been able of reproducing it :confused: Let’s keep discussion to it in its own thread.