Uploading / inserting an image with Redactor produces corrupt HTML

Uploading and inserting an image with Redactor produces this HTML:

<img src="assets/uploads/images/image1.jpg" "="">

Is it only me or general problem?

Somehow that seems vaguely familiar… perhaps that’s been a bug a few years ago? Haven’t seen or heard of anything like that recently.

Could you reproduce Mark?

Hm, I haven’t reproduced this one so if there are specific steps to reproduce let me know.

No I haven’t reproduced this either, it just sounds like something I’ve seen before. My memory is good enough to leave vague pointers like “that seems familiar”, but no further details. A search through the issue list also hasn’t brought up anything, so like @jpdevries said - if you can share any specific steps to reproduce, that would be fantastic!

It’s strange but I currently can’t reproduce this too. I’ll observe this behavior and report back if it happens again.

i have this bug and another one while setting a link on an image. seems Alternative Text and Link inputs have exchanged behaviour. It can be reproduced on http://demo.modmore.com

Could you elaborate a bit on what you’re doing and what you’re seeing?

It’s just easy insert image, click edit on image: here beginns confusion of fields: Alternative Text input searches for resources… click save and switch to source view in redactor…

Just looked at the screenshot you sent. I see there is “=”" being added to the image tag. Logged as #432.

One thing is the added “=”", other and more important one is the mix up of alt-text and link (without [[~…]])

This problem still exists and drives my customers nuts! Any news about a possible fix?

Sorry about all the trouble you lot are having with this but, but I just tried (again) on my dev site and on the demo site and neither is displaying this behaviour when I follow these steps. It might depend on a specific configuration, or plugin you’re using, so perhaps you can share what you’ve customised from the default.

It could also be browser-specific, so that information could also help.

If we can’t reproduce it, I don’t know how we’re going to fix it so we’re going to need some more information to try to narrow it down.

The alternative text (when editing an image) showing a resource typeahead was fixed in 2.2.1

Just played around again and I can reproduce it on each and every MODX install (tested on dev playground and different live sites) but currently only in Safari browser + IE 11 (not tested with other IE versions)

BTW, using Safari I can reproduce it on your demo site demo.modmore.com too - within ContentBlocks editor.

i did a fast screen record: https://raffy.eu/redactor.mov
modx manager used with safari on mac os

There we go… I’m reproducing it in Safari as well now.

Before the 2.2.1 release JP did look into this and it looks like he reproduced it as well (my bad, forgot to check the latest comments on the issue). He came to the conclusion that it’s a bug in the core editor and not one of our own plugins or extensions, which makes it a bit harder to fix short term.

The bug does not appear to be present in the newer version of Redactor that’ll be available with version 3, which we’re trying to wrap up soon. If we can find a fix for the current release we’ll make that available as a patch.

I reproduced it and confirmed it is an Imperavi bug, not part of our customizations. While this is annoying, and may invalidate the markup, this is a non-critical issue so I don’t think it justifies “hacking” the Imperavi core because in doing so we could cause worse issues.

As 3.0 will include the entirely re-written Imperavi core I’m nearly certain this issue will not exist in 3.0.

This is a very heavy bug. I can’t use redactor for my clients - although I’d like to - without this problem is fixed. How long will it take till 3.0 is available?

This issue produces invalid markup, but unless I am mistaken there is no other side effect. Please let me know if there is any issue other than a “=” being incorrectly put on the img tag of the HTML source.

We’re working on getting a 3.0 release candidate out as soon as possible.