Redactor 2.0.1 released

Even with 8 release candidates our awesome users still found some bugs in Redactor 2! Thanks to all that reported them. Here’s what’s fixed in Redactor 2.0.1, now available via the package provider as usual.

  • Fix thumbnails not showing in certain environments [S6479]
  • Fix Broken Image Edit Window [#366]
  • Fix various z-index issues when used in MIGX and other components [S6480]

Another issue related to MIGX has been fixed in the MIGX source, and should be available in the next MIGX release (I’m guessing that’ll be 2.9.5).

For more information about Redactor 2, check the Redactor 2 announcement on the blog, the upgrade notes and the Redactor 2 section of the website.