Redactor 2 & MIGX issues

There have been several reports of issues with Redactor 2 and MIGX. These were:

  1. Several z-index related issues that made dropdowns and popups disappear under the MIGX modal window. This also affected other components, like FAQ Manager, basically anything that loads Redactor in a modal. This has been fixed in Redactor 2.0.1, which will be out soon.

  2. Issues with certain features not working in MIGX windows, including the resource typeahead, Eureka browser, and html/syntax editor. This is due to hardcoded instantiation logic in MIGX that was not updated to the new code in Redactor 2. For this we’ve just sent a pull request to Bruno to take out that hardcoded logic, and instead making it use the standard MODx.loadRTE. This pull request can be found here.

Redactor 2.0.1 is now available, fixing the z-index issues. The MIGX pull request was also merged, so that should be available with the next MIGX release which I assume will be v2.9.5.