Redactor 2.0.0-rc8 available

Likely the last release candidate for Redactor 2.0, rc8 was made available yesterday. Here’s the changelog for this release, whole bunch of bugs fixed!

  • Show size of image while resizing [#95]
  • Fix potential E_NOTICE error when dealing with ultimate parent [#353]
  • Fix redactor.date_files not being respected on file uploads [#350]
  • Fix dynamic thumbnail being missing from Eureka [#349]
  • Fix switching back to visual mode with ace editor on TVs [#355]
  • Prevent loading Ace multiple times when used on TVs
  • Load Ace from CDN with fallback
  • Fix missing limiter setting and incorrect format
  • Fix Ace Editor In TVs (and not main content)
  • Ensure un-ordered lists are bulleted with list-style-type:disc
  • Breakout Media Source TV Input into File/Image [#362]
  • Fix marginFloatLeft and marginFloatRight [#360]
  • Set redactor.linkTooltip to default to true