Rebuild template

Good morning.

If I change a field or layout, then the template is also changed automatically with rebuild? Or do I always have to change the templates manually? Maybe it is importent: I insert dummy text. in the fields and I split some main templates in serveral sub templates. Mny Thx Gereon

Hey @kolbsimkq!

Could you be a bit more specific about what you’re changing in a field/layout, and what type of template you’re referring to?

The term template is a bit ambigious with ContentBlocks, as it can apply to your MODX templates, templates used in generating the output of a field/layout, or the collections of fields/layouts managed from the “templates” tab. From your question I’m not entirely sure which one you mean :innocent:

Hey Mark,

I have several projects with wordpress which I like to move to modx now. I use WP Bakery (Visual Composer) in this projects and I try to use the ConntenBlock like this WP tool. Maybe, I have the wrong approach.

I give you an example: I’m working on a magazin site with diferent page layouts. I split these pages in sections to reuse this section in different way (sections are1 layout and three or more fields, also with nested layout). First I create several fields and layouts in ConntenBlock. Then I create for each section type a template in ConntentBlock with fields -example: header, text, image, button- and layouts: -1 col -. Now I can create several new templates in ConntenBlock for a whole page to use this section. My idea was to create only one field to reuse it. For example: I have a field for an image with an additinal select field for classes. When I add a new value to this select field and rebuild the content, the additional value should availabel in all templates, where I use this field. When I create a section as a layout in ConntentBlock, I have to add in each layout this class. The second I idea was, when I create a new document, I select just the template for the whole page and I can start to work. The third idea was, to build a stock for sections to use in multiple sides. Thx Gereon