Products in database - not being correctly displayed on site/manager

I have moved a modx site with simplecart from one hosting to another, but the only issue is that whilst all the products are shown in the database the images and are not being pulled through to the front end of the site - but description is (?)

also in manager - when editing a product - trying to add an image or change the price from £0.00 - although i press save, it wont save the changes - when i press the close button a message comes up saying “you have changes pending - are you sure you want to cancel?”

Has anyone else come across this?

Can’t say I’ve heard of issues like that before… if it refuses to save, there might be an error message in the MODX error log.

What version of SimpleCart are you using? I don’t see any licenses on your account, so I wonder if you may be running 2.2 or before?

I have just taken over this website - i only found out today that the licence ran out in September - i will be renewing on behalf of my clients as soon as they instruct me to do so