Paypal and ApplePay "Express checkout"

Is there a way to add express checkout for

  • Paypal
  • ApplePay

With Mollie as main payement gateway ?

Mollie does support those two payment options, though for Apple Pay you’ll need to leave the method (in the mollie configuration) empty so Mollie will show the option conditionally on the hosted checkout page.

PayPal can be redirected directly by setting the method in Mollie to paypal, but I’d probably suggest using the direct PayPal integration instead as that’ll save you the 25ct extra per transaction. :moneybag:

(If by “express checkout” you meant bypassing the standard Commerce checkout entirely and instead having PayPal/Apple Pay buttons on the cart that use their respective alternative flows: that’s not currently supported, but could be added in an extension.)

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I have a requirement for ApplePay - so just to confirm this is available within the Mollie payment gateway option?

Client has also asked about Google Pay too…

Mollie offers Apple Pay on its hosted payment page, so if you set it the method empty and let the user choose the payment option on their site it’ll offer Apple Pay if available: Apple Pay — API documentation — Mollie

They also offer the ability to accept Apple Pay directly in your own checkout selection, however that’s not currently implemented in Commerce.