Passing [[+value]] of field to Wayfinder tpl


We’re creating a secondary navigation field with a dropdown to pick how many links are going to be added to this navigation, (the number is strictly for styling purposes to pick the amount of columns). How can I pass the value of the dropdown to the tpl chunk we have set up?

I’ve already attempted to use this:


This just pulls the whole field template and everything in there, not the [[+value]],

If you take a look at the ContentBlocks Documentation, you’ll notice that you can use the &tpl parameter in cbGetFieldContent to specify a template. Just put your [[+value]] tag in a template and you should be good to go. It’s possible that you can use @INLINE binding on that template property, but I don’t remember for sure.

Thanks that seemed to do it. I think i was misunderstanding the documentation somehow but that solved my issue.

Great! Post up if you have more questions!