New field types in ClientConfig 2.3

There’s a new ClientConfig update available from (and from in a couple of minutes). This release comes with a couple new field types:

  • Line/divider field to let you add a simple separater between sections in a group
  • Code field for markup/css/etc, requires the Ace editor to be installed.
  • Email field to make sure only email address can be added.

Additionally, the textarea fields are now bigger and grow with the content, both OnHandleRequest and OnMODXInit events are used by default, and pdoTools users should find their ClientConfig settings to be available in fenom templates as well.

Please report issues on GitHub and consider making a donation if you love these improvements.

Full list of changes in 2.3:

  • Add icon to the menu item (when moved to the top navigation) [#175]
  • Make placeholders available for inherited fenom templates [#173, #174]
  • Make textarea fields bigger and automatically growing with the content [#172]
  • Allow a hash in the url containing the ID of a group to automatically open to that tab [#169]
  • Add a line/divider field type to create simple sections [#149]
  • Add a code field type (requires Ace editor) for things like custom CSS or other markup [#144]
  • Add an email field type which validates the value to be an email address [#65]
  • Include OnHandleRequest plugin event (alongside OnMODXInit), to make ClientConfig play nicer with various context routing and other solutions that don’t use OnMODXInit [#140]
  • Add separate “Save” and “Save and close” buttons to the setting window [#135]
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