New Commerce module: Pickup Time

I’ve just released the Pickup Time module for Commerce to the package provider. This module has been available from GitHub for some time, but was never formally released.

Its use case is allowing a user to enter when they will pick up an order in the store. Those of you that attended the meetup in Maastricht last weekend will remember the showcase project where I mentioned it was in use.

Fun fact, this is also the first module that actually uses custom order fields, which are coming in 0.12. On 0.11 it still writes the pickup time to the order properties instead.

To use the module, edit your frontend/checkout/shipping-method.twig template and add a field (can be a text field or a select if you want to offer options), with the name pickuptime. Add an appropriate label and make it look pretty; the module automatically takes care of storing the value after that.

In your emails and other templates, you can access the provided value as {{ }}.