MoreGallery 1.3.7-pl: sharper images and clean exif data

Behold, a new patch release for MoreGallery! In 1.3.7-pl we’ve fixed three reported issues, related to gallery-specific crops, wide/tall images and exif data - all of which were reported by Jens from Inreti. Here’s the changelog:

  • Fix loading crop information from resource settings, was causing images to not get cropped properly automatically
  • Improve how the manager thumbs are created to ensure crisp images, even for very tall/wide images
  • Strip out invalid control/hidden characters from EXIF data on upload to prevent errors

If you have tall or wide images, this release has a major impact on how they are shown in the gallery overview page (on new uploads). Previously images would get cropped to a maximum size of 250x250px, and then they get scaled back up by the browser to fit the image block. This works fine for most images with standard aspect ratios, but when you have something like a panorama image, that caused extremely blurry previews. We’ve added a bit of logic there to ensure the thumbnail is at least 250x250px, preventing the browser from scaling up the image again, making previews look a lot better.

TL;DR: this is before and after: