MODX 3 PHP 8 and Upgrading

I’m currently running a dev store in 2.8.4 and PHP 7.4. And Commerce 1.2.9. My plan is to get this as close to being finished as possible and then transfer it to the ‘production’ server. Am I OK to upgrade the site to MODX 3 with this version of Commerce already installed? If that’s ok I plan to then swap to PHP 8 to match the ‘production’ server environment, before moving the site to the production server. Or should I stick with MODX 2.8.4 for now?

Hi @chrisandy,

Commerce 1.2.9 is compatible with both MODX 3, and PHP 8. I’ve got it running with that setup right now, so there shouldn’t be any issues upgrading!
However, not all extras are ready for MODX 3 and PHP 8 yet, so it does depend on what else you have installed. The recommended course of action would always be to make a complete backup and then try the upgrade, so that way you’re able to revert if need be.

One thing I might suggest is, if you haven’t already got it installed, before upgrading install the Guzzle7 package from the MODX package provider. This can help avoiding any dependency conflicts if there are different Guzzle versions installed.
Note that this is installed automatically with Commerce 1.3+

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Thank you @digitalpenguin. I’ve carried out a few upgrades from 2.8.4 to 3 and they’ve gone well - I’ve disabled plugins before upgrading and that seems to make things go more smoothly. PHP 8 - yes, I’ve currently got resizer running and that won’t work with PHP 8. I’m going to back up and then try an upgrade to 3 and make sure it’s working with PHP 7.4 before switching to PHP 8. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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That seems to have worked - thank you for the Guzzle tip.

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