Twig error

I got the following with both test:

  • modx 2.8.1 and PHP7.4
  • modx 2.8.5 and php8.1

after upgrading to Commerce 1.3 the error log gets:
Fatal error: Declaration of Twig\NodeVisitor\MacroAutoImportNodeVisitor::enterNode(Twig\Node\Node $node, Twig\Environment $env): Twig\Node\Node must be compatible with Twig\NodeVisitor\NodeVisitorInterface::enterNode(Twig_NodeInterface $node, Twig\Environment $env) in /www/core/**components**/commerce/vendor/twig/twig/src/NodeVisitor/MacroAutoImportNodeVisitor.php on line 34

How it’s best to approach this issue?

Commerce 1.3 updated the internal twig version from v1 to v3. Perhaps you have something else running on the site that is now conflicting? Is there a stack trace of the error that contains a different component path?

Hi Mark,
OK, thanks
I think the error log has caught something but for security reasons I’d better PM you with the log details. My opinion, it is Fred editor but I have not updated it yet nevertheless it does offer an update but I am just stuck with the idea that on the dev site it’s working with the same set of Extras.