Issue with mPDF : can't see the module in Commerce after installation

I have an issue after installing with success “mPDF Writer for Commerce” MODX extension.
I can’t see the corresponding module inside Commerce.

I have check and recheck everything (and reinstall MODX with cache cleaning, just in case), it’s sound like a bug.

MODX : 2.7.1-pl
Commerce : 1.0.3-pl (but on the bottom right corner of the Commerce Dashboard, it’s still wrotten 1.0.2-pl)
mPDF : 1.0.0-pl

Fixed in 1.0.1 of the module, thanks for the report.

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Thanks ! It’s working well now :slight_smile:

“…after installing “mPDF Writer for Commerce”, I can’t see the corresponding module inside Commerce.”

I’m having the same problem, but with the latest version of Commerce 1.1.4, not 1.0.4, also using MODX 2.7.3 and PHP 7.3.22.

Once I installed mPDF Writer for Commerce, I went to Commerce > Configuration > Modules to find “PDF Writer: mPDF”, but it’s not there?