Getting invalid license emails for old sites?

It’s possible to notice you’re getting some new invalid license emails as of this week, for sites that may have been running with our extras for years.

The reason for this is that we’ve tweaked our package provider to also create license issues when we detect an invalid license coming from a package update request. Until this week, the behavior of that was to simply reject the update request, which means you would not see an update was available in the package manager.

However as those really old sites use versions of our extras that do not include the weekly license check we introduced either, that meant you could get stuck on an old version with no indication the license was invalid.

Now you’ll get an email from modbot automatically and after assigning a license to the right domain, you’ll be able of upgrading to the latest versions again.

If your license is still assigned to an older development domain (which you can check in your account), please get in touch with mentioning the old domain, and we’ll reset that for you so it’s available to assign through the license email.