Formalicious & using FormItSaveForm to Save Forms to Database

Hi all …

Formalicious noob here - is it possible to use the FormItSaveForm hook to save submitted forms to the database?

I’ve tried adding this hook to the pre and post hooks sections in Advanced for the form - but to no avail.

Any help much appreciated.


You don’t have to. When editing a form on formalicous, all you have to do is tick the “Save forms” checkbox shown on the form settings tab.

If you don’t see that checkbox, make sure the formalicious.option.allow_savesubmittedforms system setting exists and is set to 1/yes.

Hey Mark - thanks so much for the reply :+1:

Right enough that option wasn’t in Form Settings … and the setting was missing in System Settings.

Working now!

Any thoughts on why that setting was missing?

Thanks again,