Formalicious 1.2.0-pl release with numerous features and fixes

Formalicious 1.2.0-pl was just released with the following features and fixes:

  • Removing default limit from fiaremailto field (#31)
  • Add back button to form update view
  • Add duplicate option to forms grid (#32)
  • Update grid action buttons to use modx font-awesome icons
  • Make add step/field buttons more visible
  • Add preview option to form fields tab
  • Add saveTmpFiles FormIt property to default formTpl
  • Add formName FormIt property to default formTpl
  • Prefix fiar-attachment field with modx base_path
  • Only add email hook when emailto is not empty
  • Remove default limit of 20 from field-values grid
  • Check for common ‘spam,email,redirect’ hooks added by Formalicious when saving posthooks
  • Add ID field to form-fields grid
  • Make sure prehooks are run before the renderForm snippet

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