Using fenom to render the form

I try use Fenom from pdoTools to run snippet, but it not work. For example:
{$_modx->runSnippet(’@FILE components/formalicious/elements/snippets/snippet.renderForm.php’, [
‘elementsPath’ => $_modx->config.core_path,
‘fieldSeparator’=> ‘’,
‘stepSeparator’ => ‘’,
‘formTpl’ => ‘formTpl’,
‘form’ => 1,
but if I simply run [[!renderForm? &form=1]] it work all right.
Could you say, what is my mistake?

I still haven’t used Fenom so I have no idea if that syntax is supposed to work, but can you try $_modx->runSnippet('renderForm') instead of the @FILE with the path? The snippet is created in your database on install, so it shouldn’t be needed to use a file include.

Alternatively, try adding core/ to the start of the path (or where-ever your core path is) to see if that helps.