Feature Request: Template Variables, Resource Selector

It would be great if I can add TVs to an event, or an resource fork linking to a detail page or registration form of an event.


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Oh. cool. Thanks. But in this case it’s not possible to select resources on top level. How to enter »0« uses top level of tree?

If you enter 0, all resources are shown at the moment. I will restrict it to resources with parent 0 in the next version.

The top level issue is fixed in 1.0.1

Yes it’s fixed. But I have an additional minor frontend bug. The icons in the resource field consists two icons, a pen and an eye. If I hover only the pen will become highlighted.
And now if have a nw idea :wink: If a context is selected and parent resource is 0 the pages only of selected content will be listed. But this is not important.

Do you mean the selected context?

Hi Thomas,

The latest version of Agenda has come a long way and it’s quite good already. But, alas, there’s one point that keeps me from using it.

I’d like to stress that the possibility to use custom TVs in the events would make it perfect. The linked resource is important in many cases, but it does not really help …

Consider this case: You are a touring theatre company. There are several types of perfomances that you want to put in your calendar. To save time when entering dates, you use the linked-resource-field for the permanent information of the performance (name, images, length, players, author, players, etc) that you have already in a collection in MODX. But you also need some extra fields for each single date, apart from the address: Name of the venue, price, age restrictions, URL, telephone number, what-3-words-address, booking-information. There is no way to enter this data in a way that it could be used as placeholders in a template, only in bulk text form.

For now the only way to create calendars like I described above (without extra programming) is with collections. Most calendars I implemented work like this.

(There is also a little bug in the latest version: deleting only one occurence of a recurring event deletes all following. And the status window then says: “yes: 402”)

Agenda 1.1 (could be tested as a beta with an API key allowing the pre-release channel) will have extended fields for an event. The deleting recurring events (i fixed something in editing them) bug should be fixed in 1.1 too, but I have to check for the deleting bug.

The extended field are a strong addition to Agenda! Can I use the extended fields also for extra resource-selection dropdowns like the one that’s already on the page?

You could use any xtype there. But everything has to be preconfigured inside of that xtype, because you can’t create options for a field within the extended field config.