[Feature request] Entry types for Extented fields

Hi :slight_smile:

I’ve started to work with Agenda on a new project and I really love it :slight_smile:
The thing I’m gonna miss it’s the possibility to choose the entry type with the Extented fields.
I really love MODX with it’s flexibility with the TVs, and I’m a little bit frustrated with Agenda on this point.
I don’t forget Agenda is young, but I’ll really love if in a future version we will be able to set a type for the extented fields (scalable rich text editor first, but also check box and radio could be usefull).
I have read this topic but I’m not sure to understand if the xtype could help me in my usecase.

Another linked suggestion : to be able to add them on a new Tab, instead of the primary one, which is already well full

You could use xtypes in the extended fields. But since the configuration is quite simple in agenda, you have to preconfigure the used xtype a lot. Richtext is not possible at the moment.

OK. I will see what I can do with that :slight_smile: