Feature request: dropdown for anchors on page

Hi, i need to be able to link to anchors on a page. it would be so nice if my client could do that without my help.
Right now she can link to a page. But not to an anchor on that page because there are to many on a page.
There is an anchor tab in Redactor but it doesn’t let me see all the anchors on the chosen resource. She has about 50 per page so a list to choose from would be ideal.
I imagine the following

  • On save a resource gets checked for <a id= and all anchors are the saved with the resource. (separate table, TV’s, properties)
  • When creating a LINK first you search the page in the search box. when chosen the the (new) dropdown ‘anchors’ get populated and i can choose one




This is something I’d like to investigate after we release Redactor 3. Better anchor handling has been a common request, but it’s also a tricky feature with people looking for different things, so we need to make sure if we build this that it does what people want.