Fatal Error after new redactor installation

This comes up, when I open a resource with enabled Redactor - after update.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Redactor::getOption() in /homepages/…-core/cache/includes/elements/modplugin/7.include.cache.php on line 55

Is this known? Any hints?

Greeting from Berlin,

Hmm, no that’s not a known issue. Does a reinstall help? Any errors in the log when you do a reinstall, perhaps something about file permissions?

Hi Mark!

When I do a reinstall there are these messages (a lot, here just some example lines):

Could not copy /homepages/.../packages/redactor-2.0.7-pl/modPlugin/4ed6166a4629adb762df91024eaae9f5/1/ to /homepages/...-core/components/redactor
Attempting to set which_editor setting to Redactor.
Attempting to migrate redactor.stylesJson to redactor.formattingAdd.
Removed modSystemSetting instance with primary key redactor.imageTabLink
Skipping vehicle object of class modSystemSetting (data object exists and cannot be upgraded); criteria: Array ( [key] => redactor.lang ) 

But at least the message is “successful”

Package "redactor-2.0.7-pl" erfolgreich installiert.

All system settings are there, files - as I can see - too.


That sounds kinda troubling. If the files are out of sync with the plugin, that could explain the error. What version did you upgrade from?

If it’s possible to get access to the site to debug the problem, would you mind shooting us an email at support@modmore.com with those details?