Could not download and create transport package

i am new here
i got the message “Could not download and create transport package with signature: contentblocks-1.7.5-pl” in the modx package manager.
are there any ideas what i can do?

Heya @hanshanson!

While the error message is different, what’s described in this FAQ might apply to what you’re experiencing.

Alternatively you might be trying to install ContentBlocks without having a license available, on a domain that is not eligible for our free development licenses. In that case your MODX error log should have a message describing that.

you are right. i am using a local server on my computer with vhosts which have names different from localhost. that would be the reasen. but what can i do?

Ideally, switch your vhosts to one of the supported domains. Our free development licenses are available for a wide range of domains/tlds/subdomains, like or The full list of supported domain patterns are listed here:

If that’s not possible, then you’ll need to buy a license first. You can transfer the license later (our system will detect the domain name changed, and send you an email with a special link), but then you wont be able of keeping both the local dev site and the production site licensed that way. If you can take advantage of the free dev licenses, your local copy will continue to be licensed when you eventually assign a paid license to the live domain.

thx so much. i have now an idea, what to do. +_*

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