ContentBlocks 1.8.0 now in stable release

We’ve just released ContentBlocks 1.8.0-pl with various fixes and improvements, which we are now considering stable.

If you’ve not heard of the awesome new features in 1.8 like the image cropper and mini repeater, please check out the blog:

Here’s what changed in 1.8.0-pl:

  • Support multiple fields in cbHasField by providing a comma separated list to the &field property [S16875]
  • Fix padding and scroll jumpiness caused by a clearfix on the contentblocks wrapper
  • Fix the template builder not initialising
  • Make [[+total]] available in the row templates of repeaters [S17261]
  • If only one crop is configured on an image, automatically close the cropper after saving [#522]
  • Add property to image fields to automatically open the cropper when an image is added [#520]
  • Add property to image fields to replace the manager thumbnail with a defined crop when set [#521]
  • Automatically focus search fields when opening add field/layout modal [#518]
  • Add missing title to condensed list view icon [#512]
  • Prevent users from dragging/inserting more than the maximum amount of configured images into a gallery field [#506]
  • Fix image cropper not opening when clicking on the crop preview of an image (instead of image_with_title) input type
  • Don’t show crops preview for crops that were removed from the image configuration [#524]