ContentBlocks 1.7.1 fixes bugs in dropdown field and image settings

Two small, but important fixes for you today in ContentBlocks 1.7.1.

First up, this fixes an issue in the dropdown field. When you would save a resource before a dropdown field completed loading the available options, the value was set back to the fields’ default value. Now, it remembers your selected value, even if the others aren’t available yet.

Another issue fixed has to do with the new image settings in ContentBlocks 1.7. Image settings that were set to show in a modal (vs being shown on the canvas directly) would make it impossible to choose existing images, because of a z-index issue. Now the core media browser is instructed to show in front of the settings modal, so you can continue using the image setting in a modal as well.

More information about the cool new features and improvements in ContentBlocks 1.7 can be found on the blog.