ContentBlocks 1.6.3 fixes resource link issue (and more)

Version 1.6.3 of ContentBlocks is now available. This release fixes a couple of issues, including links to resources not showing the resource names after reload, and an error when loading the template builder.

These are all fixed bugs in ContentBlocks 1.6.3:

  • Fix selected resource title not being shown on link input types [#363]
  • Fix default template assignment based on context [#449]
  • Fix issue expanding/collapsing repeater (items) within a repeater [S10341]
  • Fix error when opening the template builder [S11314]
  • Fix invalid export filenames on windows due to : character
  • Make component alignment consistent with the rest of MODX [#454]

If you haven’t updated to 1.6 yet, here’s the improvements you’re missing out on.