ContentBlocks 1.3.0-rc5

Following four other prereleases, we’ve just made available ContentBlocks 1.3.0-rc5. After almost a month of testing we’re confident the new features and changes in 1.3 are stable enough for production. The next release in the series is expected to be the stable one, so if you do stumble across any bugs in this release, let us know :smile:

Here’s what has been fixed in 1.3.0-rc5:

  • Fix issue in multi-context sites where images may not show up [S7665]

  • Fix unexpected results in the chunk input when empty values are not passed to the tag [S7659]

  • Remove Add Layout button overlaying delete/field settings on layout fields [#356]

  • Fix positioning of Add Layout button in layout fields

  • Fix control over the sortorder of subfields in a repeater [S7719]

  • Fix loading a RTE for the template builder in the component

  • Fix issue accessing resizeimage processor on case-sensitive server environments

As always when saying things should be stable, I managed to introduce some bugs in this release, so the download for it is disabled temporarily. A new release is coming soon.