Content field with ContentBlocks simultaneously - possible?

Hi everyone,
I want to use content field with ContentBlocks as the same time for resource, is it possible at all? What hint is here, should I use some custom solution or is there any easiest way?
Thanks in advance.

Do you mean you wont both a simple content field, and contentblocks? That’s not currently possible unfortunately.

Hi Mark,
Yes, now content field has big portion of “raw” content(html tags, styles etc…)…new ContentBlocks fields were created for this structure. As soon as the data is split into new blocks, the old Content field will become irrelevant … but for now we need to have it at hand (this is the “default value” for the template content). If this isn’t possible I believe some intermediate richtext TV will help somehow - just move content there before start using ContentBlocks.


With default templates and a few system settings, you can tell ContentBlocks where to place existing content. That supports richtext, textarea, and code fields. Users can then break it into different blocks or just keep editing it “raw”.


Many thanks, Mark!

I’ve tested Default Templates, for some reason there is error(appears when template list is loading), I cannot enter values in the following fields … although I have layouts too … and the rest … the dropdown lists are empty, and the fields are required … I can’t create anything so ((

Does the chosen template have layouts added to it?

as far as I can see Templates and Layouts do not directly connect to each other…at the same time, they can use a general category, bind (via Availability tab) to same MODX templates … this is all done of course, in other words, where it was possible to register any connection - I did it. I will be happy if you point out something not obvious

Sorry, the “template” terminology is confusing. I meant the “TNM” default template shown in your screenshot.

On the Templates tab in ContentBlocks, edit TNM and click the button to open the Template Builder. That’s what needs to have a layout for it to populate the “Target layout” (and later column + field) dropdown.

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That works, thank you Mark!