Commerce 0.10.5 available (updated: 0.10.6/0.10.7 also available)

We’ve just made Commerce 0.10.5 available to the world with a couple of bug fixes. In particular this resolves save issues that happen in the dashboard when editing an object that was just created, and MODX tags are now properly parsed in email messages as well.

Changelog for v0.10.5:

  • [dashboard] Fix immediate save after creating a new item showing a not found error (in most admin interfaces)
  • [emails] Make sure MODX tags are parsed in order email messages [#239]
  • [gateways] Add support for POST redirect payment gateways
  • [checkout] Restrict data passed to the checkout process to GET and POST

Potential breaking changes:

  • The AdapterInterface defines a new parseMODXTags method that needs to be implemented in custom adapters.

We’ve released Commerce 0.10.6 as a hot-fix for the previous 0.10.5 release. A bug was introduced that would cause some gateways to throw a fatal error, preventing payments from going through.


  • [gateways] Fix potential E_FATAL when POST redirect data is not an array [S16052]
  • [dashboard] Simplify the way gateway classes are displayed under Configuration > Payment methods

Another hot-fix for 0.10.5 has just arrived. Commerce 0.10.7 is now available which corrects two issues introduced in 0.10.5:

  • [checkout] Fix redirect URLs being used as relative, causing doubling up of alias paths [S15990]
  • [dashboard] Fix “The requested item could not be found” message when editing a valid shipping method [S16101]

Sorry for the inconvenience of so many updates in one day and the bugs we introduced.