Commerce 0.10.1 brings some more bugfixes

Commerce 0.10.1 is now available and brings with it a set of bug fixes, mostly related to the dashboard. One bug that we received a couple of reports for is that a couple of links in the manager were being loaded inside the Commerce dashboard over AJAX, while they should have loaded in the full page. This has been addressed, as have these other issues:

  • [dashboard] “comOrderMessage” is no longer an option as message type when creating a new order message [#213]
  • [dashboard] “comStatusChangeAction” is no longer an option for creating a status change action
  • [dashboard] Make sure changing the order status uses formatted return messages and lexicons
  • [dashboard] Make sure manually sending a draft order message uses formatted messages and lexicons
  • [dashboard] Prevent AJAX navigation on links that are not in the Commerce namespace
  • [dashboard] Order messages grid no longer triggers an E_NOTICE on non-existent index “name”
  • [dashboard] Order messages grid now shows the username of the person that triggered a message instead of their user ID
  • [shipments] Fix the shipment weight not being stored correctly, affecting (custom) shipping methods

Early work on 0.11 is also in progress, with some changes to the way order information is shown in the dashboard already complete. This includes exposing order shipments and allowing tracking references to be added and changing the way addresses are presented, following similar changes to the frontend in 0.10. I’ve also completed some under-the-hood shipping method refactoring so properly use order shipments the way they were intended, so expect those to become more important in the future.