ClientConfig 1.4 now available

It’s been a while, but ClientConfig 1.4 is now available from the package provider. This release adds a few new input types (file and password), and fixes a bunch of bugs people have run into over the years.

Here’s the full list of what’s new:

  • Fix loading of TinyMCE RTE, causing it to be initialised without configuration [#122]
  • Add ClientConfig_ConfigChange event to be able of hooking into configuration changes [#117]
  • Change plugin event from OnHandleRequest to OnMODXInit [#87, #109, #115]
  • Enable inline editing in the admin component [#94, #95, #114]
  • Fix field-required errors not being shown by adding a popup
  • Accept 0 as valid required value on the number input [#119]
  • Add a Password input type [#105]
  • Add a File input type [#36]
  • Don’t show “Error adding field” errors during installation/upgrade [#92]
  • Fix loading RTE if the field key contains a dot [#89]
  • Add CMD/CTRL + S shortcut for saving the configuration [#80]
  • Preserve linebreaks when editing a setting in the admin section by using a textarea for the value [#69]
  • Relicense under the MIT license instead of GPL [#67]
  • Allow specifying a media source for the image input type [#66]

We’ll release the package on in the next couple of days.


ClientConfig 1.4.1 is now available, from both and package providers, to fix an issue in 1.4 where the media source option wouldn’t show up for image settings.