Chunk Selector - Remove the "Add property" option


Trying to make 1 element that shows Titel, description and the 3 latest news items.
So i made an Chunk Selector, user can only select 1 chunk = my news chunk with pdoResources.
And i added 2 settings to the Chunk Selector Titel and News.
This works fine.

But when adding this element to the page, you allso get “Add property” and they can manually enter text to a field. Can i remove this “Add property” field because there is no need for this and might be confusing to others.

Or maybe there is a different approach to this?

Thanks in advance.

If they can only select a single chunk, I’d recommend switching to the Chunk input type (rather than Chunk Selector). Aside from making it simpler to use, the chunk input type does not offer the ability to specify arbitrary properties like the selector does. :wink:

It’s not currently possible to disable “Add property” on the Chunk Selector input.