Big Brother 1.3.1 + ClientConfig 1.4.2

I’ve got two open source updates for you today, for Big Brother and ClientConfig. Both updates are available from, and the ClientConfig update is also available from the modmore package provider.

Big Brother 1.3.1

  • Show account/web properties/profile hierarchy in account selection
  • Bring back big numbers that went missing due to an api deprecation [#26]
  • Fix incorrectly aligned icons in the top buttons [#22]

Download & Information »

ClientConfig 1.4.2

  • Restore PHP 5.3 compatibility in creating settings. Note: next release will require 5.5+!
  • Fix issue saving settings on certain environments due to missing value for source [#129]
  • Fix incorrect header/container alignment in both manager pages [#128]
  • Fix (unused) namespace assets path (on new installs) [#126]

Information + install via the modmore package provider, or via

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