Gateway v1.1 for SimpleCart

If you’re an active user of, you will have received a couple of emails from them by now about some changes to their service. They’re moving to new infrastructure with a partnership of Akamai that should be more fault-tolerant than their current systems; which comes with a new endpoint URL. You can read more about that in these FAQs from

While the current endpoint will continue to work, so no changes are required, it is possible to opt in to the latest updates by changing the endpoint url. As our gateway for SimpleCart did not yet allow you to do that, we’ve released an update today that adds two new gateway properties: live_endpoint and developer_endpoint.

If you’d like to use the new endpoint, update to 1.1 of the gateway, and adjust the live_endpoint property to On June 30th will feed all of its traffic through its new infrastructure, even with the standard endpoint url of so this allows you to test it early.

There are also “ compatible” payment providers out there; you may now be able of using the SimpleCart gateway with those providers as well by adjusting the urls.

Outside the new ability to change the endpoints, we’ve also fixed a few bugs. Here’s the full changelog for this 1.1.0-pl release:

  • Allow overriding the endpoint URLs via gateway properties (#1)
  • Fix setup options not being saved properly
  • Fix missing constant for manual builds
  • Add MIT license to build and readme to clarify how this extra is licensed

The update is available right now. For more information about the gateway, see Gateway for SimpleCart on the modmore site.

I’ve just pushed an update (v1.1.1) that ensures the gateway continues to work in PHP 5.3 as well.

If you’re still on PHP 5.3 I’d encourage taking steps to upgrade your server, as we might be bumping the requirements for our extras in the future.