Z-index issue with the handle for resizing picture with Agenda modal window

There is an anoying issue with the image resize handle with Redactor 3 and Agenda.
The z-index of the handle is lower than the Agenda modal window and its disapearing behind.
I made a quick screencast to show you in action : https://youtu.be/kIoDDTsJoJo

The Agenda modal window do not use an explicit set z-index. So it should be a Redactor 3 issue. And it should occur on other extras with Redactor in a modal window.

Please report this issue directly to Mark.

I’ve logged an issue, thanks :slight_smile:

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yes I know. I have posted this thread directly on the Redactor sub-forum :slight_smile:

There is also a strange z-index issue that causes the #modx-navbar to obscure the ace-editor in fullscreen-mode on chunk-update-pages. Even if no redactor is used there, the file assets/components/redactor/scss/_z-index.scss is loaded that changes the z-index. On snippet-update pages all is fine. This happens in 2.7.2 and 2.7.3 with redactor 3.

I saw Redactor 3.0.1pl was released but this issue is still there :frowning:

If we only release updates when all issues are resolved, there will never be an update ever again. :wink:

The issue fixed in 3.0.1 was rather critical and demanded an immediate release, as one of the key features we promote in Redactor didn’t work. While the issues reported here are a little annoying, it’s not preventing basic usage.

Under normal circumstances I’d try to wrap up a couple of other issues before doing any release, but with what’s going on in the world I simply didn’t have the focus to also investigate and fix this for the 3.0.1 release.

I’ll still work on fixing this issue in a future update - it’s in my tracker along with a number of other issues and v3-specific requests.