Why is my image uploaded to ucarecdn?

Hi when uploading an image i noticed that the URL to the image leads to ucarecdn.com.
Why is that? iconfigured the


to go to ‘images/[[+year]]/[[+tv.redactorpath]]’ so…
Why is the image not uploaded to my server? and how can i change that


Hi @Rdg!

There’s 2 different image implementations. One is ours, the other one (image icon at the far right of the toolbar) is called Uploadcare, which is what you’re seeing.

If you don’t want to use uploadcare, you can disable it through the redactor.plugin_uploadcare system setting.

The other image button (halfway in the toolbar) will follow your configured upload path.

Ah duh…
i see it.

Glad to help :smile:

In the next release we’re disabling the uploadcare plugin by default. It’s a bit of an advanced feature that also needs configuration before working correctly (needs an API Key), so it makes sense to make it opt-in, rather than opt-out.